No worries! Our qualified educators will help you gain the foundation of Bahasa Indonesia through interactive learning course. We will start learning in your mother tongue (Japanese/Korean) or English, you decide! Our learning materials are designed based on your needs and goals. We will assist you to communicate seamlessly with others!

If this is the first time learning Indonesian, it will takes around 3 to 4 months to be able to conduct simple conversation. But, it also depends on how much exposure you are to the language. The more you practice and apply in your working or daily life, the faster you will master the language!

Yes, of course. However, you need to know the basic grammars in creating sentences. So, you can deliver your message appropriately and your listener could get your intentions. It is not about being able to speak a language, but how to communicate seamlessly with other.

Our learning materials are designed based on your needs and goals. So, tell our educator consultant which area you want to focus on (is it reading, special term for specialized field work, etc) and we will assist you to enhance your Indonesian language skill.

Maybe it is because the language you learn isn’t practical to your current environment, so you don’t have any chance to use it on daily basis. Discuss with our educator consultant about your concerns and practice with our qualified educators in each session. You will gain the knowledge on how to use the language and able to start communicate seamlessly with others!

You could choose our online class. So, you could have your class any time any where once you are available. Make sure to let our educator know in advance :)

We have 3 main classes which focus on Business Indonesian, Daily Indonesian, and Travel Indonesian. You could choose the class based on your needs.

Sure! In Worldnesia, we offer you flexibility to cancel or reschedule your sessions without any penalties, as long as it hasn’t pass your expiry month. We will appreciate if you could inform us max. 4 hours in advance, so we can inform our educator too.

Yes, we do offer corporate packages too with customized learning materials to meet your company needs!

Contact us for more details :)

You could join our periodically held crash course to get to know what it is like to learn in Worldnesia :)

Currently we are only accepting bank transfer, cash-payment, and paypal.