Learning method

In Worldnesia, we realize that our clients are experienced adults who come from variety backgrounds and have diverse needs. That is why we combine offline and online session to make sure that our learners get enough exposure and able to apply the language in their daily life directly.

Before we start the sessions, our educators will analyze our learners communication needs and define what context the learners need to acquire in the first place. We will ask about our learner’s goals and their learning style too, to make sure they could grasp the learning materials well.

Educators in Worldnesia have been trained to fit their teaching styles with our learners characteristics and  required to deliver an interactive yet fun learning, so it will make the learning process easier and bring out the best result for our learners.

Learn Indonesian in Jakarta

The Benefits

Indonesian Educator

Well-trained and
experienced educator

Learn Indonesian in Jakarta

Relevant learning materials
by using real-life situation

Learn Indonesian in Jakarta


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